Where’s The “Real” World?

Londolozi, South Africa

Each dawn we bundle up and sleepily climb into an open Range Rover.  We pull thick wool blankets across our laps, gratefully tuck our hands around the hot water bottle nestled inside, and head out across a network of dirt trails traversing gently rolling hills and grassy fields.


We pass leafless tree-skeletons


and quiet ponds ringed with vibrant green marshes.


It looks very much like the open lands in the Colorado foothills, with one very significant exception.  Londolozi teems with an incredibly diverse array of animals and birds not found in the wild in North America.  Nyala, kudu, duiker, impala, hare, vulture, eagle, bat, heron, mongoose, monkey, warthog, baboon, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elephant, water buffalo, hippopotamus, lion, leopard, rhinoceros, hyena, crocodile, duck, stork, lizard, guinea fowl, lilac-breasted roller–the list is endless and in short time, we see them all.

And it’s up close and personal. . . .








We sit motionless, spellbound by the antics of lion cubs pouncing on their macho but indulgent father.






We’re awed by the sublime



And the ridiculous




We were even charged by this grumpy, one-tusked bull elephant.  My adrenaline was running so high, I missed the photo op.


Luckily he only wanted to chase us off.  We happily indulged him.


The full moon is shinier and fuller and more beautiful than ever before when sitting atop a termite mound.


And just as we were getting used to the idea that we really were in Africa, that we really were seeing the African land, the African moon, and that the animals really hadn’t escaped from the zoo, it was time to leave.

Toward the end of the week, a couple of folks in our group voiced their dread of returning to “the real world.”

Which raises a fascinating question—which one is the real world anyway?  Is it the one at home, with careers, relationships, fashion, television, mortgages, the internet, and animals who eat from cans?

Or is it here, in the African bush?


14 thoughts on “Where’s The “Real” World?

  1. Tracy

    Terry, thank you for sharing, I am so grateful! The beautiful visuals accompanied with your thoughtful and sensitive words brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Lailey

    Terry what an amazing transformative experience you have had!!! The photos are amazing!!! Can’t wait to go!!


  3. Terry Post author

    Thanks so much, Tracy. It was truly beautiful beyond words and I’m only beginning to process it all.

    Lailey–I love, love, love that you’re planning to go!

  4. Jenny

    Terry, Your photos are amazing! What an experience it must have been to be so close to those animals.

    Such a perfect question you ask: Which is the real world, anyway?


  5. Veronica

    Wow Terry, that is the real world, would love to hear about any mind and/or attitude changes that manifest from this experience. Hope to make that journey one day.

  6. Chris

    Well said, my friend. Well said! Africa is the real world – we’ve just created layers upon layers of stuff that prevents us from being in it.

  7. Greg

    Terry, that was nicely done. Glad I finally took the time to check out your patient, fine narration. I’m inspired to create my own story board for my dream now as well. BTW on my page are pics from a few days I just had in Switzerland. Best to you.

  8. Terry Post author

    Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. Africa is still with me, and I’m sure it always will be. Now I just have to manifest my return trip! 🙂

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