Adventures in Joy with The Joy Diet

Adventures in Joy—A Telecourse Based on The Joy Diet

bluebell pathIf you’ve forgotten how to laugh from the deepest place in your belly, how to connect with your wildest dreams, or if you want more happiness and joy in your life for any reason, then this telecourse is for you.  This is a diet “not for the body, but for the soul.”  It has nothing to do with losing weight and everything to do with losing the heaviness that stands between you and a life full of love, laughter, and meaning.

We’ll spend eleven weeks establishing a daily practice to incorporate “ten essential ingredients for joy” into your life, and is based on Martha Beck’s warm, funny and super-insightful book, The Joy Diet. You’ll get to the wonderful truth about yourself, tap into your heart’s deepest desires, and enrich your journey to creating the life of your dreams.   We’ll explore Joy through Truth, Desire, Play, Connection, Laughter, Creativity, and more.  Each week we’ll add a component.  The eleventh week, we’ll put it all together, and you’ll leave the class with a deep sense of renewal and transformation!

You’ll learn a bevy of power-packed tools to instill joy into every nook and cranny of your life.  Spring, the time of renewal and rebirth, is the perfect time to start this practice.  Won’t you join me?

Eleven Wednesday afternoons 3/31 through 6/9

3 pm ET, 2 pm CT, 1 pm MT, Noon PT

Questions?  Email me

Have to miss a class, or the time doesn’t work for you?  All registrants will receive an mp3 recording of each session.

Price:  $189, (that’s less that $18 per class)

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Joy with The Joy Diet

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  2. Char Higgins

    I am interested in taking this class – but the time doesn’t work for me. I see I can get the MP3 but I was wondering is the class interactive? or how does that work? I am just wondering what I am missing out on by not being able to take the teleclass.

  3. Terry Post author

    Char–most of this is going to be a class about the concepts in the book. There will be time for some questions, and if you email them to me, I’ll answer them in class. There are several people who are going to just listen to the recordings at a more convenient time, yet do the practice along with me and the class.

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