Coaching Testimonials

martha_beck_about3“Wise, down-to-earth, and a heck of a lot of fun, Terry is a delightful mixture of left-brained smarts and right-brained magic. Her coaching is insightful, intelligent, and inspiring. Her years as a lawyer have equipped her with practical business savvy and the experience to confidently guide you through virtually any problem, while her sense of humor will keep your journey jolly.  She’ll coach you to both the most pragmatic solutions as well as the deepest transformations, while teaching you to work magic all by yourself.”

~~Martha Beck, America’s “best known life coach,” author of numerous best-sellers, and monthly columnist for O the Oprah Magazine.

“Terry is passionate, bright, sensitive, intuitive and the perfect coach for lawyers and professionals who are feeling stuck or unhappy in their profession or in their life. Terry ‘gets it’ when it comes to practicing law because she’s lived it, she herself has been there.  Coaching with her helped me realize that I was inappropriately blaming the practice of law itself for my anxiety and pain.

Working with Terry has been motivating, enjoyable, and transformative.  It helped me make sense of the many conflicts and emotions that are associated with my profession, and helped me move beyond my roadblocks. Her process is powerful and I’m so grateful to her for helping me move forward in my life and my career – not only do I now live without fear, but I live with great joy. I feel free. With immense gratitude, Sarah, JD, MBA”

Client, attorney, Miami, Florida

“Thank you Terry for that most wonderful coaching session.  I feel like you know me already and I can balance this transition with your help.

And it is such a plus to be cracked up by your wonderful personality!  You get right to the nitty gritty!  I love how your words get are on point and trigger me out of all the untrue thoughts fast!!! I feel relieved knowing I can make this transition in a practical way, which feels right for me on all levels.

Ever since our session I’ve had the ‘laughing bug’ so a core fear is definitely breaking up quite well!  You have an amazing gift!”

Client, small business owner, Tuscon, Arizona

“Terry’s coaching prevented me from making a huge mistake last year.  I am a litigator who desperately wanted to make the transition from practicing law to life coaching, and Terry helped me understand that I wouldn’t be an effective coach until I ‘cleaned up’ my thoughts around practicing law.  Terry’s approach is very direct, yet her kind voice and demeanor made me feel safe at all times.  She helped me work through some very serious issues in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken.  I will be forever thankful that I followed Terry’s lead.”

Client, Attorney, San Diego, CA

“As the CEO of a small healthcare company,  it is essential that I channel my attention and energy to the right places.  If I don’t, my efficiency drops, and my workload becomes overwhelming.  As my coach, Terry provides an objective, disciplined, yet sensitive ear. With her guidance, I can quickly solve my problems with clarity and confidence.  Taking care of myself like this is not a luxury, it’s a necessity in this face-paced time.  I highly recommend coaching with Terry.  She is the best.”

Client, Denver, Colorado

“Terry is completely engrossing and brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching. She is warm, wise, funny, perceptive, and alive. I have found infinite opportunity and freedom in my life, with wonderful, amazing experiences, and feelings and moments I love.”

Client, New York City

“Terry is a gift in my life at a time of great transition.”

Client, Atlanta, Georgia

“Terry is gifted in her ability to see and help me break through the thought processes and belief systems that kept me stuck. She was a masterful guide.”

Client, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I learned quickly with Terry that a pity party during our sessions was not an option. My life is waiting for me and it requires my mind to be clear, my desire to be great, and honesty to be foremost.  Terry guides me with sharp cutting inquiry and a deep knowing carved from her own experience.  I’m seeing results in my life that I couldn’t have dreamed of before.  I see results in my ability to move from fear to gratitude in a moment, to laugh spontaneously, and to trust in the wisdom and comfort of one simple breath.   It makes a profound difference to have a knowing and trustworthy guide like Terry. I love what her coaching can do!”

Client, Los Angeles, California

“Terry is easy to talk to and knows what she’s doing.  I’ve gotten so much more from three months of coaching than I did in many, many months of traditional therapy.”

Client, St. Louis, Missouri

“Working with Terry is a balm. She calms the frenetic mind, soothes the roiling emotions, and swiftly guides one back to home. This takes just moments with Terry’s gentle and respectful lead.  She is a huge spirit.”

Client, Boulder, Colorado

“Terry is fantastic. My life began its big turn-around with the very first session of her coaching.  My life has been so changed.  and my attitude is like that of a different person.”

Client, Denver, Colorado

“I have tried so many different ways to move forward in my life, but always seemed to hit a wall of vulnerability and fear. Now, I am able to walk through the ‘fear wall.’ I feel peaceful, calm, happy, and strong.”

Client, Lakewood, Colorado

Teleclass Testimonials

“I just wanted you to know that this was one of the best teleclasses I have ever participated in. You have a style that is so reassuring and confident.”

“The class was unbelievable!  I am so inspired.”

“The information was well-planned, well-executed and clear….an amazing job.”

“Terry has such a winning and positive way about her. She engages the class and helps us think about how we’re living our lives, learning to really enjoy each moment. She causes me to go deep when realizing my dreams.”