Stress Management 101: How to Stay Calm Without a Vacation When Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

–Does your career require you deal with people who are under a lot of stress?
–Do you work in a high-pressure environment?
–Is there someone in your personal life who is emotionally volatile or who always seems to push your buttons?

The ability to manage high-pressure environments and strong emotion is a learned skill, essential for creating satisfying relationships and careers.  This two-part pre-recorded class, with separate guided meditations and accompanying worksheets, is designed to help you understand the relationship between the people and events in your life and how you respond to them.

You’ll learn:
–How to be the “emotional energy leader” in every relationship in your life.
–What to do to keep cool in the middle of a highly charged situation.
–How to immunize yourself from emotional contagion.
–How to set the emotional tone of your encounters with others and in your workplace.
–How to easily integrate simple, powerful emotional management tools into your life.

Your purchase includes four mp3 recordings and two written worksheets.
–Class One: (90 minutes)
–Class Two: (90 minutes)
–The “HeartBreathing Exercise,” a short guided meditation to turn your stress to calm anytime, even in the middle of crisis. (5 minutes)
–The “Mindfulness Wheel,” a short guided mindfulness exercise to strengthen your ability to harness your emotional attention. (14 minutes)

The two short recordings are designed to go with you anywhere. Put them on your smart phone and listen whenever you need to get back to a calm, peaceful state. Each of the short recordings has an accompanying written instructions sheet and script that you can use even when you can’t listen.

Price: $89.00

Here’s what my colleagues say about this course material:

“Terry is the perfect model for calm energy. I’ve been able to easily incorporate what I learned into my daily life both personally and professionally and I’m grateful for the difference it has made.” Chris Hollar, Life Coach and Speech Therapist

“WOW…Even though I was in my office, I have to thank you for giving me the beach today. Your soothing voice really had me in a state of deep relaxation I’m calm and centered. just like I am after spending time at the beach!” Susan Watson, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Life Coach

“A wonderful class!”  Joy Cherry, Life Coach

“Amazing and delightful!” Pat Bergeron, Certified Life Coach

“Down to earth, loving and completely on spot on! My personal and professional lives flow much more smoothly now. Thanks Terry!” Kimberly Dawn, Certified Life Coach

“A well-organized blend of science and practical self-mastery, and Terry is an extremely articulate teacher.” Morgana Morgaine, Certified Life Coach