Roar Like A Lion: How to Build True Inner Self-Confidence!

This product includes downloadable MP3, course worksheet and invitation to The Lions Den – a private Facebook Group.

Courage doesn’t come to us ahead of taking action.  It comes to us as we put ourselves out there and survive it. ~Terry DeMeo

Join Master Coaches Jackie Gartman, Terry DeMeo, and Jessica Steward for this 90-minute talk, full of tips and tools about how to build true inner self-confidence in a way that is both authentic and real for you!

In this class, we cover:

  • What real confidence feels like.
  • How to muster enough courage to move towards a bigger, bolder, brighter you.
  • Why failure is not only totally normal but completely necessary, and how to keep going after you mess up.
  • How to overcome crushing self-doubt in order to emerge out from under your bed.
  • How to fake it until you make it.

We’ll also share our own most embarrassing, honest, and hopefully inspiring stories of how we stumbled and struggled with our own self-confidence along the way to success!

So listen up, and unleash your inner beast, whatever that may look like!  Here’s to a shinier, happier – more confident –  you!

Price: $35

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