How to Love the One You’re Always With

What if you got the perfect Valentine from the most wonderful person in your life? This year, skip the middleman, and give yourself all the love, approval, and appreciation that you ever wanted from anyone else.

In honor of the one you’re with, the only one you’re always with, give yourself a Valentine, a luscious, mushy Valentine. Begin with a love letter to yourself. Here are some things to include:

    • What you would secretly love to see published about yourself if someone else was writing a tribute to you.

  • What pleases you the most about your body, your mind, and your spirit.
  • What you appreciate, small and large, about yourself as a friend, a lover, a partner, a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, a boss, a worker.

Write about how you play peek-a-boo with babies in the grocery store checkout line. Write about the time you were waiting in the airport and comforted an old lady who sat alone in a wheelchair, crying. Write about how you love your hair, your appreciation of nature, and your sense of humor. Write it all down.

Then glue your love letter to a big red heart, decorate with glitter, sequins, doilies, lace, feathers, and anything you ever wanted on a Valentine when you were ten years old. Put on some music you love, and sit back with a dark chocolate mocha truffle, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. Smile, breathe deeply, and appreciate the brilliant, amazing, loving person who sent you the perfect card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

0 thoughts on “How to Love the One You’re Always With

  1. alex

    awesome – thanks, Terry, you’ve already taught me a lot! i’ll start on a letter… i already play peek-a-boo with kids at the whole foods in CG – alex

  2. Julie

    This is really great! I am so excited to get started on something just for me. I ‘m going to take everthing I learn and imbrace my daughter with it. She is 11 and I want her to love herself forever.

  3. inner180

    I hear you, Julie! There is nothing like our beloved children to motivate us to love ourselves. We want that for them more than anything else. And how else can they learn it, except by watching us love ourselves?

    And Alex, there is nothing as fun as peek-a-boo with a delighted kid!


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