What Are You Doing “Just in Case”?

I knew what I had to do today.  The thought was scary.  I was really, really hesitant.  Is this the right decision? Can I be sure?  What if I make a mistake?

I’ve held a license as an educational therapist for about 10 years.   I thought, “Well even though I don’t want to do this work anymore, I should maintain this license, just in case….”

Just in case what? It’s practical, sure, but I have a full-time coaching business that I love and this particular just in case is based on an assumption I might lose the work I love and go back to work I don’t love.

So I decided that just in case is not a sufficient reason to do keep this license.  Just in case wasn’t coming from the reality of a thriving business doing work I love, and it wasn’t coming from desire, from what I really, really want.

So I sent an email notifying my certifying company that I would not be renewing.  Simple.  Straightforward.  Direct.  It was scary to push the send button on my email.  My hands trembled a bit and I caught my breath.  And a few minutes later, it felt fantastic.  Clean, honest, clear.

What are you holding onto just in case that you really don’t need?

0 thoughts on “What Are You Doing “Just in Case”?

  1. Jenny

    Terry, I’m just getting around to reading this post. It’s the one for me. My whole life is a “just in case!” And I hear you when you say it comes from fear. Thanks for putting it so plainly. Now, what can I drop from my life that I’ve been holding on to “just in case?” I’ll think that one over today.

  2. Terry DeMeo

    Yes, Jenny, for sure it’s fear. Just in case I fail at doing what I really want to do, I’ll back it up with something I feel half-hearted about. It’s ten days now since I let this license go–something I’ve wanted to do for several years. It feels great. When I got a letter the other day acknowledging my decision, I felt so secure and calm. No regrets.

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