2015 Inner 180 Transformational Coaching Intensive

Advanced Mentoring, Training, and Support In the Art and Soul of Life Coaching

Gain more confidence as a coach, hone your skills, and learn powerful techniques to create lasting transformational change.  You’ll develop personally and professionally in a small, safe, intimate environment with expert, compassionate guidance.

  • Eight coaches.
  • Twenty-four two-hour classes.
  • A three day in-person retreat in the tropics.
  • Transformational coaching on your personal and professional issues.
  • Deep practice, individualized guidance and feedback on strategy and tool selection.
  • A private discussion forum.
  • Recordings of sessions and tool demonstration with actual clients.

All under the close supervision of a skilled Master Coach with thousands of hours of experience. You do NOT have to be a certified coach to participate in this program–coaches-in-training are welcome!

If you lack confidence in general, don’t know what to do with the tools in your toolkit, don’t know how to handle the curveballs clients throw you, don’t know how to handle difficult clients, worry about strong client emotions, want to learn more about the subtle energetics of coaching, want to be the BEST coach you can be, want to specialize in one-to-one coaching and want expert guidance and feedback to get there, this is the program for you.

This class is finished. Please contact Terry for information on future sessions.


Here’s what prior participants say:

“It’s coach the coach on steroids!  Terry’s vast experience as a coach and teacher provides a remarkable opportunity to coach under her wise guidance.  Each session brought different subjects and insightfully crafted topics designed to encourage deep personal work as well as creative coaching challenges with different tools and techniques.  The opportunity is priceless.  The two-hour sessions literally flew by, although every second was packed with learning and insights. I found myself consistently challenged throughout the class, and it has been deeply fulfilling.  It is everything it promises and so much more!”                  ~~Deb Rose, Certified Life Coach

“Having Terry’s on-the-spot feedback while coaching was invaluable.  I learned the value of sticking with “difficult” client situations, how to manage my own energy throughout a coaching session, and how to identify and embrace the unique “magic” I have to call upon.  If you are looking for deep practice and a fun way to improve your coaching skills, I definitely recommend this course!”   ~~Amy Johnson, Ph.D., Psychologist, Master Certified Coach

“Terry is so fully “present” each minute of the class —- listening to her guide each coach is powerful and educational. An added benefit is being coached by talented coaches and making new friends along the way.  Highly recommended!” ~~Beth Chesterton

“I recommend this course to coaches of all levels of experience to hone their skills and to learn how to approach coaching from their own personal strengths.  It’s been a transformational experience for me.”  ~~ Bonnie Olson,  Certified Coach

“Terry is a powerful, graceful, conscientious guide and mentor.”  ~~ Rose Pritzker

“Terry’s many years of training and experience is condensed into a course that is both practical and magical.  It truly was an amazing experience. I feel so fortunate to have been able to be a part of it.”  Teresa Lynne


More praise from other trainings:

“I learned more in ONE CLASS in Terry’s Coaching Gym than in all the coach-the-coach sessions combined. It was EXACTLY what I needed.”   ~~Mary McEvilly, Martha Beck Certified Coach

“Terry’s coaching circle was a learning experience that will always stay with me. My ability to hone in on and dissolve clients’ limiting thoughts is like second nature now. My self-confidence has soared and my clients have benefited as well!” ~~ Barb Marasco, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach

“Terry, you are one rocking ass coach!” ~~ Stacy Spears, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach

“Terry knew just when to lend assistance and when to ‘let us swim’. When a coach was stuck, she taught her how to figure out the next step, instead of just taking her there.” ~~ Ellen Hartson, LSCW, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and Relationship Certified Coach

“Your warm and non-judgmental style in our Coaching Circle was a safe environment to take a risk. I learned something new in each class.” ~~ Vidica Simpson, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and Certified Relationship Coach