Fearless About Finances

A 6-week Telecourse to Melt Away Your Money Fears.

lizard-_000006865491xsmall1–Can you comfortably ask to be paid what you’re worth?
–Do you avoid your bills or run up credit card debt?
–Do you joke about being a bag lady or living in a van down by the river to cover up your fears?
–Are you starting a business and afraid you won’t make money?

Whether you have actual money issues or just worry about money and finances, your worried thinking has a huge impact on both your financial life and your quality of life.  In this course, you’ll uncover your hidden fears, work through them, and gain the confidence you need to flourish.

Class size is limited so you’ll get plenty of individualized attention–both for coaching and for answering your questions.  Or, if you’re more comfortable, just come to class and listen.

–Master the principles of a healthy, friendly relationship with money.
–Learn powerful tools to end worry about your finances once and for all.
–Create a vision of the financial future of your dreams.
–Receive personal coaching from a master coach in a powerful group setting.

When you let go of your fear, confusion and worry, you’ll be able to see your money situation clearly, make decisions confidently, enjoy what you have, and go for you want.

Can’t quit your day job or have to miss a class?  No problem. An mp3 recording of each class is included.

This class is finished.  Please contact Terry for information on future sessions.


Love notes from prior participants:

“Thanks so much for a life-changing experience. I mean Life Changing!”

“The class is ‘magically insightful.’ Do the deep, real, look-inside-yourself homework, and take advantage of her ‘spot on’ coaching during class. Loved the class and love Terry!”

“The course was really fantastic and hugely valuable to me.   It has given me a real creative push forward in starting my business due to the freedom I am feeling around money. In the time since we finished the course I have been experiencing mini-miracles daily with regard to my new business project. “

“Super beneficial.”

“I can’t think of the superlatives to describe this course.”

“I just wanted to thank you again.  You were so helpful in helping me uncover some of issues about fear of making money doing something I love.  Wow.”

“Your class motivated me to finally call a realtor, and the next thing I knew I was selling my condo, a long pondered move I had been procrastinating about. Everything – from the perfect real estate agents, to the house selling in 10 days with multiple offers, to the nicest movers in the world came together perfectly. It was as if the universe was conspiring to make it happen for me once I took that first step.  I have a new financial freedom that could not have existed otherwise.”

2 thoughts on “Fearless About Finances

  1. Barb

    So these sessions peaked my interest. My husband’s exact statement during a discussion about my current career angst was “Why would you want to leave a perfectly good paying job?” My response was “I didn’t say I was going to leave it, I just can’t figure out how to change it.”

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