Metaphor Magic: How to Transform Your Clients with the Power of Metaphors and Imagery

“Terry is the MASTER of metaphors!  She can take any obstacle and make it understandable and solvable.  It’s truly amazing to witness it.”  –Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Coach


dragon2-150x150Metaphors and imagery are powerful coaching techniques that work amazingly well with a wide variety of clients and issues. Whether you are working with a right-brained imaginative thinker or a left-brained, analytical thinker, these techniques work beautifully with all client types on emotions, body image, physical pain and injuries, relationships, money and financial fears, career issues, too-sensitive-to talk-about-directly issues, designing and taking action, and more.

After learning the basics of working with metaphors in my life coach training with the Martha Beck Institute, I created additional techniques which make coaching with metaphors and imagery a piece of cake! It’s fun, easy to learn, and super-powerful.  This highly creative method will keep you and your clients engaged, fascinated and amazed.

This training will show you exactly how to use this tool immediately and with confidence. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • rainbow-150x150An 80-minute introductory class that includes the basic principles, how-to’s, and tips.
  • A library of recorded coaching demonstrations with real clients from my private practice, using metaphors and imagery on a variety of real issues.
  • A manual with written instructions, tools, exercises, and case studies to enhance your magical metaphor powers.
  • Six 90-minute classes where you’ll practice with each other in a safe, fun environment. You’ll get immediate feedback, guidance, demos, tips, and suggestions. You’ll also understand these techniques from the client perspective as you’ll get coached.
  • A private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share your experiences as you deepen your understanding.

Each class group is limited to eight participants.  

Class Dates and Times: Seven Tuesdays, November 1 through December 13, 2016, 10:00 am Pacific, 1:00 pm Eastern.

Mp3 recordings of every class are included.

Investment: $399.00


toadprince1-150x150“Terry is a delightful mixture of left-brained smarts and right-brained magic.” Martha Beck

“Metaphor Magic is a FABULOUS class that I found exceptionally helpful!” Lori Race, Master Certified Coach

“Thank you for a very Profound and Magical Metaphor class Terry! Loved every juicy bit of it!”  Kimberly Dawn, Certified Life Coach

“Terry demonstrates how to build a bridge from wizardry to action. Refine your use of this powerful metaphor tool and help free your clients from their thought prisons with the power of imaginative play.”  Caroline Walker, Certified Life Coach

“One of the best telecourses I’ve ever taken . . . your style is so reassuring and confident”   Certified Life Coach

“The information was well-planned, well-executed and clear”  Certified Life Coach

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