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TDemeoMy clients are smart, competent people who want to live to their fullest potential, but find that they need some assistance. I guide them to find what they really want and how to deal with whatever is getting in the way. I’m a former trial lawyer and law professor and I have extensive experience in guiding my clients through all kinds of challenging and crisis situations, whether they are real or feared.  Big disappointments and brick walls are often the catalysts which spur deep and lasting change in our lives.

I offer one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, telecourses, and mentoring for coaches.   In addition to being a Martha Beck Master Certified Coach, I’m part of Martha’s coach training faculty.  I also helped Martha design the curriculum and I coordinate her Relationship Certified Coaching Certification Program, and am a Master Certified Relationship Coach.  I’m a certified provider of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, and I’m also a Life Coach School Certified Coach, a HeartMath certified stress management provider and a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.  I’ve completed graduate coursework in somatic (body-mind) psychology and had training in positive psychology (the study of what goes right with people.)  In short, I’ve studied a lot about human transformational change.

I help my clients find their own best answers for themselves, find the central issues which block them, and –importantly–teach them how to continue without me.  I want to coach people who are ready to change their lives, and are willing to work to get there.  This can be very deep inner work, but we always keep a sense of humor and lightheartedness about what we’re doing.

Here’s what matters way more than anything I can say or write: can I help you find what you want?  By working together, can I guide you to find satisfaction, joy, and peace, no matter what else is going on in your life?  Can I help you get what you want, achieve your big dreams, and fulfill your best destiny?   If you’d like to explore whether we’d work well together, let’s set up a free 30 minute consultation to talk about it.  Just give me a call at 305-790-7008 or email me at terry.demeo@gmail.com.

My Philosophy and Approach

I’m responsible for the life I am living.  I’m the only one who can change it.
Inside me are the all the answers I need and all the creativity and joy I could ever imagine.  I only need to unbury it.  Which is tricky sometimes.

The most profound thing I ever learned is the power of my thoughts in creating my life, and that I can change my thoughts.  It’s always amazing and always works.

The past has no power to stop me. It’s over, and right now is what matters.
That means I can transform my life in any moment I choose.

We can’t change others.  We can only change ourselves.

We can learn and grow from everything, even mistakes.  Even big mistakes.
And maybe that means there’s no such thing as a mistake.

My body tells me what I need and what to do, always.  I just have to listen.  It whispers, so when I quiet my mind, I can hear it.
My brain serves my heart, and not the other way around.
Intelligence takes many forms.

I choose to interpret my life with a sense of humor.  It helps.  A lot.
It’s not just okay to have fun and enjoy life, it’s vital.

I am curious, intense, and passionate.  Sometimes I’m loud and exuberant. Sometimes I’m soft-spoken and mostly listening.  I no longer hide from or apologize for any of it. With coaching, you too can come out of hiding, and discover and be comfortable with your authenticity, too.

My clients have their own best answers.  I can never know what’s best for anyone else.  Ever.  No matter how obvious it may seem from the outside.  My job is to help my clients unravel their limitations, design a meaningful, joyful life, and then continue their growth without me.  I want to work efficiently, so they can live happily without me.  The most important part of my work is to make myself unnecessary in my clients’ lives.

My clients can (and do) tell me anything and everything.  I never judge them.  Everything said to me in a coaching session is absolutely confidential.

4 thoughts on “About Terry

  1. Julie

    I am looking forward to working with you Terry. My hope is to bring out my strengths, that I know I have. And rid my self of anger . I never thought it would take so long to recover from a car accident , and that it would effect so many aspects of my life. My dreams have been set aside and I have been in survival mode and stuck with a lot of pain mentally and physically. I really want to become a more successful, stronger, independent women in every aspect , not only for myself, but for my daughter. I want to give her every bit of powerful information, to help her truely be happy and confident in herself, so her journey through life is exciting, special, and for her to be proud of herself reguardless of what other people say, rewarding herself with good thoughts instead of negativity. I wish my sister and I were taught this early on, but it is never to late. I am truely thrilled for this opportunity.

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