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Entries from October 2009

How would you feel if you won the lottery?

October 28th, 2009 · 2 Comments

money in syImagine that you won the lottery.  Go ahead.  Dream big.  No, even bigger.

How much is your ticket worth?  How will you feel when you win?  Get really comfortable and breathe the feeling of total financial freedom right down into your bones.

When I do this exercise with my Fearless About Finances class, many participants can’t imagine having so much money that they will never again worry about it.  Some of them stew about how big the lottery ticket is.  Some panic during this exercise, inextricably bound to their feelings of lack.  Who would I be, they seem to ask, without my identity being completely tied up in money fears and woes?  For these folks, life without financial fear is such an identity shift that they can scarcely dream about it.

Which is the whole point of the exercise.  Those who can break through, who can imagine the feeling state of giving up, forever, worries about money, discover something delicious.  That feeling state is available to us now.  Right in this moment, no matter what size our bank accounts are, no matter how many bills sit on our desks, no matter what the state of the economy is.

Worrying about money (or anything else) does not serve us.  It robs us of our creative juice, our intelligence, and our energy.  It does not bring us resources, financial or otherwise.  It is not a motivating force; it is draining, debilitating.

The feeling state of freedom, however, is energizing, inspiring, motivating, delicious.  And always available, no matter what is going on in the outside world.

Try it.  Let go of your worries about whether new clients will call, your employer will lay you off, your grant will be funded, the stock market will rebound before you retire.  Let go of the part of you that imagines that the wolf is at the door.  Just try it, temporarily.  (You can always re-conjure it up later, if you’d like.)

The Truth is this: both the delights of freedom and the shackles of worry are created inside us.  Right in our heads.  By our thoughts about the world, not from the events in the world.  If you can create worry and distress with your thoughts, you can also create freedom and inspiration with your thoughts.  And with light, free feelings, our hearts and minds and spirits are fully available and free to soar.

So imagine something wonderful, like, say a $35,000,000 winning ticket.  Get into how it feels and really relish it. After all, isn’t that the whole point of wanting a flourishing business, a relationship, a baby, a fabulous career, or whatever else you long for?  The happiness and satisfaction it will bring, right?  Just go there first, in your imagination, with your thoughts. Then feel what it brings and luxuriate in it.  The journey then becomes as extraordinarily fantabulous as the destination.  You won’t even need to buy a ticket.

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